Friday, March 11, 2011

Get Your Sugar Too


Sugar Fans, First off, thank you for supporting my work and for your patience while I got this series together.

In this series there are 50 prints in each edition, hand-signed and numbered. There are a limited number of prints still remaining from the presale. Each print is individually hand-packaged and shipped via USPS (and many trips on my bicycle).


I've designed your package so you can touch your print to feel the bite of the deboss without getting finger grease on it! Prints are still on Crane & Co.'s 100% cotton Lettra line of papers, made specifically for letterpress and still printed by the artful craftsman Keith at The Cranky Pressman. If you have a print from the first series, these are exactly the same size, 12" x 12" square, color, and on the same paper so they will match your first sugar if you have one.

For Japan

The artwork for the first skulls in this series were done just after I sold the last and after getting the illustration work to The Cranky Pressman, Japan was struck with the most devastating natural disaster in its history. There are five blinds of each design as a visual moment of silence to honor those who lost their lives in the event. Four of each of these blinds will be auctioned as a part of this series, each signed and numbered in an edition of 5 per design, with 100% of the proceeds going to the relief effort in Japan. All proceeds to benefit

Each print ships individually. International orders are welcome.



Modeled after the original Zen master, Bodhidharma, this ubiquitous symbol for luck, perseverance, and encouragement isn't just for kids anymore. $85

Darumasugar Blind

Blind DetailPlease inquire for more information.



As Ultra Q's more colorful successor in the late 60's, his red sharkskin suit was ready for a day showdown or night fight. $85

Ultrasugar Blind

Blind DetailPlease inquire for more information.

Sugar Plumber

Sugar Plumber

Did that last Bowzer-sized session on the throne clog your pipes? Not to worry, I hear there's a plumber for that. $85

Sugar Plumber Blind

Blind Detail Please inquire for more information.


Sugar No. 28

A product of the imagery of wartime era Japan, this giant robot gave forth to a genre that is still big to this day. $85

Tetsugar Blind

Blind DetailPlease inquire for more information.



He helped NHK celebrate their 10th anniversary in 1998, then went on to kill kittens on the Internets. $100

Sugarkun Blind

Blind Detail Please inquire for more information.

About this Series

This time around I'm working again from my childhood icons, but this time with a focus on my Japanese upbringing. While these icons might not be as popular in the US as the first series, some of them have influenced my aesthetic from very early on. Others, like the Domokun, are a nod to the continuing influence of the Japanese kawaii-cuteness in the modern dialect of commercial symbols and this thing called the Internet. More...

About the Printing

The Cranky Pressman works in metal. Sure it takes longer, but there's something nice about transforming digital into Magnesium. Manually pressed on a classic Vandercook press with vegetable based ink.

About the Paper

The paper stock is Crane & Co.'s 100% cotton Lettra line of papers, made specifically for letterpress. The paper comes from Crane & Co., one of America's oldest paper manufacturers. How old? Paul Revere engraved banknotes for the Colony of Massachusetts Bay on Crane paper to help finance the American Revolution.

About Me

I like to draw pictures, take notes, and perhaps a photo.
© 2011 Koshi


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Son geniales, buen trazo; saludos desde MÉXICO :)

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When are you next doing a series ?