Sunday, January 3, 2016

Shootin' Stuff

I'm generally not a big gun fan, but I took the opportunity to go clay shooting today at Bird's Landing Hunting Preserve & Sporting Clays. I'd never shot a gun before and I was pretty terrified. Jack was a great guide, lent his 28 gauge, single crack barrel to me for the day; the 12 gauge was just a little too long for my arms, but despite it's smaller size, it did nothing to ease my nervousness.

It took me about a dozen shots (and misses) to get over the "surprise" of the gun firing. Again, despite it's smaller size, I still had that momentary dread just before pulling the trigger. I'm not sure what I was dreading; the sound, the recoil, the unexpected. Once over the surprise factor, I could finally focus on trying to actually hit a target. When I hit my first pidgeon and saw its demise at the tip of my gun it was just like I had finally learned to ride a bicycle. It was almost unbelievable and pretty f***ing awesome. Thanks Jack!