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Good Tiled

Robot or Real?

"you can do a cr mp with say ryu into hadouken in 1 release

so you cr mp, hold mp while doing the QCF and release, bit of timing required.


"My reason for asking is that i can see myself (being a gumpy ****) attempting to ultra, only to whiff something else instead because i was scrappy on the input. (eg. Abels c.fp -> ultra, but instead of ultra, i would end up with a whiffed falling sky)"

"I have no idea whether one is more lenient than the other, because I never got to play SFIV at the arcade. I do have a habit of getting Seismo Hammer or Yoga Teleport instead of Burst Time or Yoga Catastrophe every so often, so it might well be something to watch out for.
I won through basic science; face conducts fist."

Robot or real?

It seems like it could really be a conversation. I think the robots are getting smarter.