Thursday, September 4, 2008

Big Fun at the Back-up Bar

The summer is in full effect on this hot Thursday, so the ZG has already been crossed off the list of possible places to find an afternoon beer. That makes planning to meet at the back up bar a no-brainer. A few sms's later, we're out enjoying the emptiness of the back patio at the back up bar.

As the sun settles behind Twin Peaks not a single sign of fog is in sight. With the temperature holding steadily in the 80's we roust another pitcher of beer and begin to see signs of life emerging at the neighboring back yard. We also begin to see signs of life filing into the back up bar and we are no longer alone out back.

In fact we have been joined by a couple who proceeded to have a very public display of affection, if you could call it that. Now I've seen some crazy things on the Internet, including many things that would make even a sailor blush. I've also tended to think that the Internet has been losing its sense of reality, no matter how user-generated the content, it's difficult to believe that the Internet truly reflects reality.

Well tonight, reality made a come back. And while I'll fore go the details, it's safe to say that up until now, the Internet was the only place I could see what this couple did in the back corner.

102.9 °F / 39.4 °C
56.3 °F / 13.5 °C

HOT HOT HOT. Mission Control, Lucie, Jason, and Peter at the back up bar.

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