Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

It was a hot Labor Day in SF, sunny, clear, and not a cloud in the sky. A great day for a BBQ and a great day for a bike race.

Video by agreatnotion


A friend from my days at Yahoo!, Alden Tanaka was racing in his first race as a 1/2/Pro level rider.

Alden Tanaka in the Pack

It was awesome actually cheering for a rider I knew; I definitely watched the race a little closer.

Number 82

While he finished DFL, he still finished. On a hot day after a hard week of races at the track, he still did better than the 20 or so who never saw the finish. He even got his name mentioned at the end as he came over the line. I was still impressed, keeping up for 55 laps with the pros is no small feat!

We attempted the ZG after the race, but as expected, it was overrun. After a couple beers at our fall-back location, we went back to the ZG to find a warm evening and open tables.

LOL: McCain is being compared to Teddy Roosevelt at the RNC!

84.6 °F / 29.2 °C
51.4 °F / 10.8 °C

Second table from the elephants. Sumeet's brother Jolly (in from the UK), his friend James, Sara, Jess and Jason the scientist in attendance on this rare warm night.

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