Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunny Sunday

Yesterday's malaise has only served to make me restless. It was the first day I had not left my apartment in a long while, and the first time that I really just did absolutely nothing. And while that sounds like a good thing, it really drove me crazy.

After some gnashing of teeth over trying to pull together some competitive Blokus, I realized that I was going stir-crazy. I decided to get outside for a quick bicycle ride with Aus to regain my sanity.

Casual Blokus and board game cross-training later at the Croshiro's.

75.7 °F / 24.3 °C
51.1 °F / 10.6 °C

Japanese beer in Japan town with the Japanese. Chicken karaage and tonkatsu ftw. The burners are trickling back into town, white playa-covered vehicles dot the parked cars.

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