Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 44: Why am I still counting?

I've not been back to the ZG since returning from LA last night, but I'm there in spirit. If I could get there I would, but my foot prevents me from going anywhere. After taking two cortisone injections between the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal for capsulitis and mild neuroma (sounds like a tomato with mental problems), my foot feels like an overstuffed haggis.

Water and Bones

Alas Dr. Saunders says to stick to the one-beer-plan at home. Poker is at my house tonight. Chili is on the menu.

Chilling Out

Meanwhile, after NATO threatened a suspension there were not only fries, but peace brokered by the French. Russia claims to withdraw by Friday. We'll see what happens. Meanwhile the Olympics ramble on neighboring China. Note to self, stop watching the news.

I wonder if Russian athletes are ashamed to be competing while they're waging war. I know ours aren't (at least not publicly). Still, I was pretty miffed by the dubious tie break that left Nastia Liukin's superior performance with a silver on the un-even bars.

71.8 °F / 22.1 °C
58.1 °F / 14.5 °C

Oddly overcast but humid with breaks of sun. I'm fashioning a picnic table in the living room.

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