Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day 39

Mission Purple


I posted on day 31 about a bike inspired by a pair of shoes. I saw a bike in the mission that has to have been inspired by:

Purple III: SF Treatment

I have to stop playing Crack Attack. I also need to stop reading the news. I know that doesn't make it go away, and sadly I know this isn't over tomorrow.

I'm still watching the Olympics and watching Phelps make more history. I know that this is un-American, but how does a human being do this without modern science? I'm not claiming any of the athletes in the Olympics are currently doping, but I can only hope this is the truth. I suppose I've seen one too many doping scandals.

It's difficult to tell what to trust in the world of over-informed self-proclaimed experts. Still if you want to believe something, and someone validates your theories, that can be a powerful thing. Based on the last election, roughly 50% of Americans have similar political views to mine and the other 50% would probably also agree if they were curious enough to seek something other than Fox N*ws.

Of course, there are those on the right like Dr. Richard Miller in Pennsylvania, who recently dropped "ultra" from his "ultra-conservative" title who can even get me riled up about those "fire-breathing liberals." I find my conversations with him to be revealing for both of us. I told him that there were gays that worked in my company. He told me the energy crisis and climate change are made-up by liberals in the capital. I for one, welcome the warm weather:

69.1 °F / 20.6 °C
54.7 °F / 12.6 °C

Third from the elephants. Mission Control on a full month. Liz gives her a drink on the house. The fog is in by 7 and we escape with time for dinner and a move.

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