Friday, August 8, 2008

Day 33 on 888

The Olympics started today. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the Olympics in China. I tend to like the concept of the Olympics and I'm glad that millions of Americans will get the approved vision of modern China. But it's still difficult to see how the American Dream is alive, well, and unsustainable there.

I celebrated the opening day of the Olympics by going to the US Air Guitar National Championships.
Betty Back Stage

Review forthcoming on SF Jukebox.

Meanwhile, someone sent me this great post on the quality crowd on Fridays. I'm sure I saw this guy and about twenty other guys also matching this description. I AR A DUMASS.

Speaking of Internet memes (thanks Tim) , I came across a timeline just in case you weren't sure I was IN UR BASE KILLIN UR DOODZ and when U CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER. It's scary to see this has become our new legacy. I try to keep up with the memes, but just like most lost in the tubes, I miss a lot.

How does something get a million and a half views and I've not seen it?

66.2 °F / 19.0 °C
55.4 °F / 13.0 °C

Fourth table from the elephants on the bar side. Mission Control on day 24. Karyn takes a break from the horror movie in her bathroom. The calm of my morning yoga lasts all day.

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