Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama Biden 2008

It's Biden as the veep. He's everything Obama isn't. And of course the message via text was a stroke of grass-roots indie genius. Still it was only moments until the big networks also broke the news but it's nice to know that the Obama campaign appreciates democratized information. It is also refreshing to see that non-traditional forms of information delivery are being used to extend the immediate audience.

After a brief visit to the Children's Hospital to see Brad's baby girl, Q, it was decided that the window to make it to the ZG had elapsed. We took up pitchers at our nearby patio and braved the cold of the summer. When we could take it no more, we headed for food.

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Get #75: Whole Deep-fried Red Snapper

Whole Fish

I hope I made my great-grandma proud of my fish eating skills:

Rolly Polly

68.0 °F / 20.0 °C
57.7 °F / 14.3 °C

Back table at the back-up bar. I didn't even try the ZG.