Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day 32

No brakes today. Thirty Two and no end in sight.

I can't go a day without the question, "How many days are you going to do this?" It seems that I should start a pool. How many consecutive days will (can) Koshi and Jess go to the ZG?

a.) 32-35
b.) 35-40
c.) 40-45
d.) 45-50
e.) 50+

So I've been doing the veggie thing for almost three weeks but have recently started to put small amounts of meat back in my diet. I could only go for so long with bacon.

WAKE 'N' BACON: Never not have a reason to get out of bed:

Sumeet is finally back in town after 32 days. We were worried he wasn't going to be let back into the US. Sara was also worried. Dennis, Danielle, and Eric on Day 32. Mission Control does her 23rd before heading to see Patton Oswald. We hear the Stranglers again, this has to be at least the 20th time I've heard the Stranglers in the past 32 days. Webe Sushi at 16th and Valencia postgeist.

The kitchen has streamlined their process. No longer listen for your name, just listen for the "If you ordered food, COME GET IT!" announcement.

If you're in SF tomorrow you might want to check out the spectacle that is US Air Guitar.
Group Portrait

65.3 °F / 18.5 °C
54.3 °F / 12.4 °C

Fourth table from the elephants on the bar side.


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I'll be there for day 38 (i think)