Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day 2 Again

Ninety One and Sunny

A person who looked a lot like a friend of ours (but was not) was ejected from the yard. She left with her bike, completely drunk, balling, and screaming, "I got kicked out on my BIRTHDAY!!!" She is going to hate Thursday.

I, however, am going to love Thursday. It's supposed to be hotter than today. I'll be outside with a beer at the Jay 'n' Bee Club (map) for the Stop AIDS project.

91.2 °F / 32.9 °C
55.9 °F / 13.3 °C

Mission Control drove her car to LA and left it there! Congratulations Mission Control. Jason S for Scientist, Seth, Rolf, Derek and Ben in the roll call.

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