Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day Back after 40

Are these people really Hillary supporters? The woman in the following clip claims she is an independent. I love how Chris Matthews allows her to fully make a mockery of herself. Talk about post-rational.

If you go to http://clintons4mccain.com/ you'll find a comedic anti-Obama site replete with quotes like, "Christians Burned Alive and Obama Still Tied to Odinga...Why Is Sean Hannity the Only Media Source Covering This One? Blood Brothers or Cousins...?" I'm not sure to be afraid, sad, or laugh at the parody. Perhaps we need a former congressional investigator to write a report about Republicans in costume at the DNC.

I could not handle another day of the DNC. Instead I ran a few errands (like picking up my Yeti-bama Tee) and going for a ride. It was good to ride after having taken off a week from any long rides. I ended up at the ZG for some perfectgeist conditions; sunny, over 80 degrees and empty.

Non-sequitor photo, me with a snake:

85.1 °F / 29.5 °C
54.5 °F / 12.5 °C

Third table from the elephants. Burning Man is on! Ah... the golden week in SF, no need for the back-up bar this week!

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