Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day 35


Pacifica, Mori Point ride from SF with Brad, Dennis, and Seth (thanks for the GPS data Dennis). We were trying to do the Planet of the Apes ride but did not have enough time to make it the whole way. Still it was fun doing a some mild single track on my road bike. Distance (mi) 33.83 Elevation Gain (ft) +8,671. Jess also rode 33 miles in the city while we were out, beers = earned.

More from the USAG National Championship:
B Goode

79.0 °F / 26.1 °C
60.1 °F / 15.6 °C

Mission Control on day 26. Chance and his sister Monica were in town for a Giant's game. It was NICE out and surprisingly not very crowded. Between the game and how amazing it was at Dolores Park, the ZG was actually do-able. Still we were out quick and b-lining it to the park. Sixth table from the elephants on the bar side.

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