Thursday, August 21, 2008

First ________?

This is a photo-series of me showing my PhD film student friend a film from the Internet.

Is this going to take long?

He needed a break from screening these horrific short film entries to Sundance. I guess watching movies for a living is not everything most people think it is.

Meanwhile the last couple days have had some really fun bits.

Pre-loaded iPhone
Four-eared cat
Olympic Photo Gear
Toronto Bike Thief

Meanwhile I've been backing up my photo collection and have come across a couple shots from the ZG, back when photography wasn't so taboo in the yard.


Bar Shooter

It was so beautiful out so I decided that I'd go to the ZG for a beer. It would have been the first time I've been back there since day 40, but alas, I forgot, in my unemployed state, that today was Thursday. Thursday + Sunny = Packedgeist. But the difference today was that I didn't have some silly streak to uphold. I was in to survey the crowd, and out a couple minutes later.

Take out from Old Jerusalem FTW. Get a dozen falafel and 2 orders of hummos and dinner is served.

Eat In

Take Out

You can even order online.

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72.7 °F / 22.6 °C
59.5 °F / 15.3 °C

Beers at an undisclosed location elsewhere in the Mission. Stay out of my back-up bar you f*ckers!

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