Saturday, August 9, 2008

Thirty Four, No End in Sight

The Olympics Going for Gold Day Two:

It's a good thing the President is watching the news or he'd see what I see on the front page:

How can one man be expected to care about so many things go on in the world? I'm sure he looks at the Internets and does the Google at least once a day.

Again the question how long am I going to do this? After some thought, I wonder if this is a streak or a habit. My lawyer-in-training friend Robert assures me that if I don't know how I got here, that's a habit. I guess so far so good. Robert showed up to the ZG today in a suit. But unlike the rest of the guys who show up here in suits, Robert has his left pant leg stuffed in sock and arrived on a bicycle.

Jason is back from his adventure at sea with a slew of hilarious and awesome stories. My favorites are of the gay cook who cut his hair, sold him cigarettes and always let him in on the fresh apple turn-overs. Either way, it was a great experience I can tell. I'm sure he's learned a ton about why trying to quit smoking aboard a research vessel out to see for a month is probably not the best idea.

Air Guitar shots trickle forth:
Air Bassistant

72.0 °F / 22.2 °C
55.2 °F / 12.9 °C

Third table from the elephants. We got lucky it was reasonably packed when we arrived, but happen to catch an opening. Sumeet (Sara, her friend Naishi, and her date) make a brief appearance. Nate present. And, of course, Angela, who on her 25th day, seems to have lost count.

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