Friday, August 15, 2008

Day 40, It's Biblical

And Sat in Hiding

On day forty it was Friday and sunny. That also means it was packed. Fortunately we had good neighbors. Hank and Jeff, long-time ZG fans from the 90's recounted their underage drinking memories here. I had to lock my bike up outside for the first time in forty days, and for nothing. After going out to run an errand after my first beer I was able to bring my bike inside.

"It is remarkable that the time track of a cycle of 40 days can be used to very effectively (almost perfectly) measure and meter out the rate of each passing solar year.

Currently, the track of a cycle of 40 days can be used to determine the epoch of the annual transit to within the average limits of only 2.2 seconds per year.

The cited measure of the annual transit only requires keeping a tally of one day in each cycle of 40 days. The result of subtracting 40th days from out of the time stream is a fixed calendar count of 3205 days in correspondence with every cycle of 9 years."

I'm not quite sure what that means but you can try reading this article about the Significance of Forty Days. If you're into physics and some light math you might even buy it!

Meanwhile back in SF:

Peaches by The Stranglers was on again in, probably for the 50th time in 40 days. A self-proclaimed music snob next to us claimed it was The Fall. Psshya; maybe if your pants weren't so tight you might be able to know who sings this song.

After forty days I've learned many valuable lessons and have seen wondrous things. I've also come to appreciate the passing of the days.


73.8 °F / 23.2 °C
54.7 °F / 12.6 °C

Mission Control on day 31. Matt, Kenji, Ben, Kreeger, Mike, Claire, Minal, Rolf, Mig, Alyson, Peter, Randy, Dana, and Morgan.

Safety gear encouraged:

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