Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day 38

Cease what?

So as much as I'm conceptually opposed to the Olympics I can't not watch, it's either that or MTV's wonderful series Made (which I'm actually not all that opposed to) and it definitely beats the news. NBC's coverage has been very red-meat and pick-up trucks so far. Beach volleyball, boxing, more beach volleyball, a little more boxing, swimming, gymnastics, beach volleyball, and more boxing.

What about cycling?!
Not the Olympics

Judo? Badminton? If you were lucky you might have seen 5 minutes of these sports in prime time. Or if you're up all night, like me, and can catch USA's coverage, you might see something obscure like Women's Field hockey. But fear not, that's why we have the Internet! If you go to and install Microsoft's Silverlight package you can get video of almost any event you can think of! After a short ad, of course, you can even catch some crazy triple flying-smash badminton finishes.

While this is pretty awesome, you cannot watch video in full screen. That sucks, and for what? Do you really expect people to click on that banner? *sigh* If you're on a mac you can use the system zoom by holding down the control key and using either two fingers on your track pad, or use the wheel of your mouse to fake the full screen, but your mouse pointer is still visible. Even still, I think it's excellent and it works in FF.

If you're into cycling you should watch Cancellara tear up the Men's Individual Time Trial.

83.1 °F / 28.4 °C
55.9 °F / 13.3 °C

Afternoon yoga on a beautiful Wednesday. The crowd was light during the best part of the day making for perfectgeist conditions before the fog rolled in. Mission Control on day 29, Anthony in from NY. Table in front of the grill.

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