Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 31: After a month, it's a habit.

Flip this bike. I saw a Nike Send Help SB inspired Bianchi Pista Concept. Send Help Blue with a black fork and white front aerospoke. Black Deep-V to a forumla in back. The white riser bars were put on upside down. It was truly a step in some direction for the fashion of the bicycle. I tried to post it here but This posting has been deleted by its author. It'd be fun to make a short film of the life of bicycles on craigslist, we'll make leecommadennis our host.

On day 31 I talked to Harry briefly. He remembers hanging out at the Lucky 13 but not the ZG. Nate returned the biomega and the curley-haired bartender called my 31st day "horrifying." "After 31 days," Harry says, "it's officially a habit." That sounds like a Vegas-style bit of wisdom. Still it's hard to know when I should stop stringing the days together here.

When a person learns of the streak the most frequently asked question (FAQ) is, how many days are you going to do this? And the offered answers:

  • A month. - M. Spurlock
  • How old are you?, plus one for good luck. - Plattyjo
  • Forty. It should be Biblical. - Kenji

We wondered about how many days have gone by in cycling news:

What's happened to that cop? Relegated to desk duty? Aww poo baby can't shoot his gun. Has the cyclist pressed charges yet?

And this guy: Deputy James Council faces the two misdemeanor manslaughter charges in connection with the March 9 deaths of Matt Peterson, 29, of San Francisco and Kristy Gough, 30, of San Leandro. He's pleading not guilty. I'm not sure where you are on this one, but I know where I stand. To late the for the Time Machine pal, I think you did it.

Still No Meaningful Change

I'm convinced that if every driver was required to ride a bike to operate a motor vehicle, the city would be a much safer and easier place to get around. While this is a wonderful thought, in theory, in reality the result is a lot of inexperienced cyclists, cycling as badly as they operate their cars. Transition will require patience, but I'm glad to see every new cyclist on the road, even if they are riding a blue black and white Send Help SB Pista Concept.

But no matter who you are, or what bike you ride, you should respect the bicycle. Just because you abuse your ride doesn't mean I abuse mine. If you knock a bicycle down while getting yours, please pick it up. Even the one that has I <3 Cock scrawled in purple marker on it.

Jess was with the BOGGLE again at the 'geist. Mission Control was still trying to figure out why the Facebook was something to be excited about. I told her she could play the generic Internet branded versions of the classic board games Scrabble and BOGGLE. After the recent row over the rights to the questionably similar game, Scrabulous has renamed and re-factored its Facebook app into something called Wordscraper.

More flexible than the fixed, print-it-once cardboard playing surface, Wordscraper allows you to customize your playing board. By allowing you to place the special multiplyer spots, you can make your own version of Scrabbl, er, that tile word game. This also allows you to customize your board to be exactly like the tradition tile word game board.

I wonder how long this Wordscraper thing will/can last. With a name that sounds like I fell off my bike, I think they should try another name, allowing me to save different boards, and maybe a logo that doesn't look like an afternoon program for kids. They should also try to get the bugs worked out, I just logged into Rajan A and Sanhita G's game. So far they've played: OR, NOR, TEEN, WEED in a 7 to 22 match up.

Meanwhile Scramble has so far gone under the radar. How long until Scramble gets the wet finger of Hasbro's lawyers placed up their Facebook application? Perhaps never, because matching words aren't canceled out during play when more than one player has the word in their list, they seem to be safe. When is a rule change an innovation, and when is it simply a protection from a law suit? I'm not sure, but tell me when it starts making money.

Meanwhile, if you play you should be aware:

65.1 °F / 18.4 °C
54.7 °F / 12.6 °C

Not hot or cold. Fourth table from the elephants on the bar side.

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Dude - at this point you just have to go through New Year's and celebrate the beginning of 2009 there!