Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day 42

Black Hole Face

Another day in LA. Matt showed me his hi-res art-photography studio. He has a 200 mega pixel large format camera for shooting paintings and a large-format epson printer for making reproductions. The quality of the digital reproductions versus those made on film is really amazing. Just a few years ago the best professional film-based reproduction was not only not nearly as detailed, but wrought with color correction issues. When using film there are several steps required for digitization and at each step are opportunities for accurate color representation to go wrong. With a hi-res digital photo there is one step to digitize and with a printer in the studio, colors can instantly evaluated for accuracy.

The camera itself works like a scanner, it scans, line by line, the incoming light. With such a process you not only need a ton of light, but your subject can't move. When the subject is in motion, the scanning process captures the motion in a continuous decent. The effect is very psychedelic.

Portrait a la Francis Bacon

Blokus and Settlers with Sudeep and Abby.

68.5 °F / 20.3 °C
66.8 °F / 19.3 °C

There was no table outside with beer.

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