Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day 37

Afternoon bike ride, Downtown - Presidio - ZG. The summer time is coming, but the fog is still ever-present after 7:30. By 8p it's time to get inside.

As it was over 70 at some point today the ZG was consequently filled to capacity. When it's crowded the chance of mishaps rises exponentially. Today Mission Control spots a poor schmoe who, while carrying two burgers to the back yard, tripped down the stairs. He managed to save one of the burgers but, mortified by collective "OOOooo!" he scurried to his table with an empty plate, leaving his burger on the stairs.

The bike parking was jammed today. Was it good for your bike? Mine gets around.

bike parking bike sex

2008 US Air Guitar Championship photos finally up. Seems like no one cares. After this last championship, I'm not sure I have enough patience to deal with the crowd this event draws.


I also swung by the Gama-Go to pick up an order of yetis

and place my order for my new t-shirt:

I got one for Jess too. $5 dollars goes to the Obama campaign.

73.8 °F / 23.2 °C
55.0 °F / 12.8 °C

Mission Control day 28, Marc, Sumeet, Brad, and Dennis holding down the table in front of the truck.

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