Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Shelves

Shelf Yeti

Weekend project accomplished thanks to Seth and Dennis for their fourth floor shelf muling. I was even done in time to catch some of the Rock Make Street Festival. There were a lot of great artists and surprisingly cute and chic things for sale. Not your typical craft fair.

A delicious bowl of noodles topped with a magical turkey meat sauce with thai chilies and shitake snap pea stir fry whipped up by Danielle and Dennis was finished with a Mojinto (Cucumber Gin Mojito). YUM.

Meanwhile it looks like politics has pushed the post-cold war out of the major headlines. Now that the Olympics are over, I can finally go back to feeling less guilty about the rest of the sorted news from all over the world. Now what am I going to watch from 1-3am?

72.5 °F / 22.5 °C
57.2 °F / 14.0 °C

Another beautiful sunny day to avoid the crowds.

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