Sunday, June 28, 2009

Food of the Gods

Pulled off Interstate 5 in Eugene, Oregon for some dinner. We picked a downtown restaurant called "Ambrosia" where we could sit outside and keep an eye on our bicycles.

We lucked out: the food was perfect and the service friendly-- perfectly prepared bass and halibut (a nice light dinner to balance the burgers from lunch).

At the neighboring table was a father having dinner with his son and daughter (maybe U of Oregon students?). The father claimed to have done a full United States tour in his youth.


Lee Comma Dennis said...

haha nice, that is the restaurant that my roommates worked at.

Faceword said...

Interesting that you know people who used to work there.

Turns out that my Uncle Bill knows the owner, Frank Hernandez. As Bill described it Frank is Bill's "'ex-brother-in-law/in law'. In other words, the [Bill's non-genetic nephew's] other uncle. Frank was married to Marty's brother's ex-wife's sister!"

Not sure that qualifies as a relative, but it makes me glad we liked the place!