Sunday, June 28, 2009

On the (Automobile) Road - Yreka, California

A bicycle journey of 500 miles starts with a journey of 800 miles by car.

We had agreed to meet at 10AM at Seth's house to pack the rental car (a Nissan Rogue). By 10:45AM we were all together, and pride celebrants streamed by on the way to the parade. After a second attempt to mount the new bicycle rack to the Rogue, we were on the road before noon.

We made a quick stop at the Fairfield In-n-Out for lunch, and sped on without stopping again until Yreka, California. After gas and a spirited (and unresolved) debate on how to pronounce the name of the town, we crossed into Oregon with beautiful views of Mt. Shasta in the rearview mirror.

Can Seth talk in the third person when posting to a communal blog? Yes, he can.


karyn said...
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karyn said...

for the win! Yreka = why-REEK-uh

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