Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 12, Friday.

It's cold and windy so we take the table nearest the bike racks. We decide that it'd be great to own a bookstore, but in the day of, how does a local bookstore stay in business? It'd have to be a bar to survive. With a big sign, "You spill on it, you buy it." Lucie suggests that it needs to be more than just a bar with books, perhaps we could also do laundry. Rebecca is back I think we saw her on day two, but we didn't know it was day two at that time. She mesmerizes the concession stand with her good looks. Eric suggests we go on the opposite of the 12 step program. Step 12: Call up someone you've always hated and set a bridge to flames.

Me: Hey ____________.
__: Koshi! What's up man? How are you?
Me: Well I'm on this program for 14 days, it has 12 steps.
__: I'm glad you're getting help.
Me: Oh yeah, well in this step I have to be honest and tell you, I hate your fucking guts you fucking piece of shit, I hope you step on a rusty nail in the Tenderloin (hang-up).

Friday again and more reasons to avoid this place on Friday. A girl and boy walk up to the bikes and try to make out by the parked bikes. But just as they're about to lap the dried beer from each others faces, he falls backward into a bike pile. He tries to play it off cool and whips his phone out for a quick fake call, but the bouncer immediately tells him to get off of HIS bike. The drunk grabs his shit and gets out. Now it's his girlfriend's turn.

First she misses the invisible top tube on her mixte but finally manages to get herself under it. As she wobbles out of the yard with her bike, it's obvious that she's over loaded and is having trouble making out. She takes two steps to the right, and then three slow steps to the left as the bike overwhelms her. I hear an "oooh" from the back ground as if I were hearing sound effects from my own personal sit-com.

In moments she is pinned, drunk and helpless on the gravel. After a few awkward moments the bouncer scoops her up and throws her out. Ah Friday.

62.8 °F / 17.1 °C
52.9 °F / 11.6 °C

Table by the bikes.

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