Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 25

Honolulu Harbor

Shaderlab is going to be on O`ahu tomorrow. Growing up there, I had a few places for him to go to. Unsurprisingly, they are all places to eat.

Local style pick your own bento box. Don't miss the musubi, shoyu chicken and sweet potato tempura.

Rainbow Drive Inn
Classic plate lunch. Mix plate FTW.

For authentic Hawaiian try Young's Fish Market. Get the lomi salmon, lau lau, poke, and poi. If you're adventurous the raw crab is excellent.

Japanese food doesn't have to be fancy. Home-style Japanese. Best tonkatsu on O`ahu (IMHO). The shrimp tempura, chicken teriyaki, and tokatsu are simply and perfectly executed.

This is a great list of chinatown restaurants. My favorites are Ken Fong for good home-style chinese. Empress for dim sum; the chicken feet are the best here as are the rest of the dim sum staples. Served fresh in metal carts with steaming bamboo baskets. Nayong Filipino is not Chinese but is my favorite Filipino place downtown.

Not quite a Denny's or a Friendlies, but some how a little of both but better. Zip Pac or Chili Frank is a great way to satisfy the hunger after a day at the beach. Jess loves the chili moco. What is chili moco? I'm not sure you want to know. You can also find a Napoleon's Bakery attached to every zippy's, great apple turn overs.

If you're going to head up north, don't miss Matsumoto Shave ice. I know it's touristy, but you still have to do it if you're all the way up there. Also reviewed here.

Angela on day 16. Jenny's goodbye SF party on the way home. Morning yoga.

I sold a photograph today. SF Magazine will be running Shred Begley Jr in the September issue.
In Sum

66.7 °F / 19.3 °C
55.6 °F / 13.1 °C

Sat fourth from the elephants on the bar side.

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jeanie said...

go menehunes!

i liked waiola shave ice a lot. a lot lot. the older location on waiola st.